Finísimo Carmenere 2009

Canepa presents its 2009 Finísimo Camenere, D.O. Peumo, Rapel Valley
, the latest red variety to be incorporated into this celebrated line, which until now has consisted of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Finísimo plays an important role in the Canepa family history. It began in the 1960s, when the winery’s founder, Giuseppe Canepa, began to reserve a small amount of the best grapes each year to make a special wine for the family’s celebrations and important occasions, giving rise to Finísimo, “a wine beyond fine.”

In 1979 Finísimo went down in history when it was named the 5th Best Wine in the World in the Wine Olympics after four French wines. This news thrilled Chilean consumers and positioned Finísimo as Chile’s first Premium wine.

According to Canepa winemaker Javier Solari,

“The 2009 Finísimo Carmenere stands out for its intense aromas of black fruits, blueberries, and black plums with mild notes of chocolate and white pepper. The palate is concentrated with smooth, sweet tannins, good structure and density.”

Clearly an excellent contribution to the line.